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Certification in Goods and Services Tax



Course Introduction :

Certification in Goods and Services Tax focuses on practical aspects of GST Law,Computation and Returs.Courses helps to gain practical knowledge of Tax Computation,Passing tax related transactions,understanding procedures of GST and filing online returns.

Duration: 2 Months (Only Sunday)

Why should you do online GST course?

  • Get access to unlimited course resources.
  • Live online lectures from experts.
  • Do practical assignments and quizzes online and get certified.
  • Learn any time from anywhere.
  • Learn from Mobile,Laptop,PC etc.

Course Contents:

1) GST Law:

GST law explained practically, Introduction to CGST,SGST,IGST,UTGST.Regular registrations and composition scheme,GST rates,HSN and SAC codes.Levy of GST,Place of Supply under GST,(ITC) Input tax credit,Reverse charge mechanism,TDS and TCSunder GST.

2) Old taxation to GST:

Migrating from Excise,VAT,CST,Service Tax etc to Goods and Services Tax(GST).

3) GST Implementation in TallyERP9:

Implementation of GST in Tally ERP 9 to generate correct reports of GST.Accurate creation of Accounts,Inventory,Tax,Purachase,Sales,Party masters.

4) GST Computation:

Doing GST computation in detail. Passing Sales,Purchase, Interstate transactions, Advances booking,TDS under GST, Expenses booking, reverse change transaction etc.

5) GST Reporting:

Creation of GSTR1,GSTR2 and GSTR3B reports,Input tax credit reports in Excel.

6) GST Input Tax credit (ITC) adjustment:

Preparation ITC adjustment report in Excel,Adjusting credits as per ITC rules and finding tax

7) GSTR1 ,GSTR2,GSTR3B Returns and GST Payment :

GST return filing in GSTR1,GSTR2 & GSTR3B online as well as offline,GST online payments.GST online registrations.

8) GSTR9 Annual Return:

i) GSTR9 Report preparation,Importing GSTR9 Portal data via Json file,filling data in GSTR9 offline utility and Uploading final jason file.

ii) GSTR9 online return.

Who should study?

All freshers or experienced people who want to gain the practical knowledge in Goods and Services Tax  required for taxation job or doing career as Tax consultant can do this course.



Ranjit Kate
MBA Finance
Faculty has 5 years experience in practical taxation training and consultancy.


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Course Introduction:


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