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We conduct 2 Month (Only Friday/Only Saturday) Certification in Advanced Excel & MIS Reports   which is very meticulously developed and helps you to develop advanced skills in excel  and grow in your career.

Duration: 2 Months (only Friday/Only Saturday)

Auidance : Course is designed for international students specifically from United Arab Emirates,Middle East Countries,Singapore,Indonesia,Asian countries.

Delivery Method : Live online classes

We will be Providing:

1)  Live Online lectures for 2 hours every Friday,

2)  Certificate

3) Excel files of the course content.

1) Basics of Excel:
Revisiting Excel Basics, Writing Basic Formula like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Logical &Text
formulas.Excel Operators. BODMAS/Formula error checking.Excel Sheet Formatting. Working with
Dates – Concept,Correction techniques Dateformulas: TEXT(), EOMONTH(),EDATE(), DATE().

2) Relative,Absolute & Mixed Referencing:
Creating Absolute/Mixed References. Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing

3) Look up Functions:
VLOOKUP() – a practical perspective.VLOOKUP() w. TRUE – When & Why? VLOOKUP() with MATCH()
2-D lookup.INDIRECT() + Range Naming for 3-D lookup INDEX() and 2 MATCH() – reverse lookup

4) Pivot Tables:
Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables.Page Fieldin a PivotTable.Formatting a PivotTable.Creating/
Modifying a PivotChartIF(), Nested IFs, AND(), OR() Combo Logics; IFERROR().Building Complex Formulas.

6) MIS Reporting & Dashboard Techniques :
Automatic row-wise Subtotal,Gridlines,Data Validation (list),Cell-Range Naming,Grouping.Build
Business reports like Sales,Inventory,Salary report,dashboards etc.

7) Advanced Charting:
Creating Multiple Chart Type,Primary, Secondary Chart ,Trend line Charting, Spark Line,Dynamic
Charting Techniques.

8) Protection,Import and Export of Data:
Sharing Workbooks & Tracking Changes, Protectingsheets / workbooks / Files. Importing Data from
Text Files/ Web, Exporting Data.

9) Macros Application:

Developer tab; Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Record & Run a Macro.

10) Data Cleaning:
Learn Data Cleaning Techniques.




Ranjit Kate
MBA Finance
Faculty has 5 years experience in Advanced excel training and MIS reporting.

Course Introduction:

Sample Certificate :


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