Live Online Certification in Advanced Excel & MIS Reports (International Batch)

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We conduct 2 Months (Only Friday/Only Saturday) Certification in Advanced Excel & MIS Reports   which is very meticulously developed Advanced Excel course helps you to develop advanced skills in excel  and grow in your career.

Auidance : Advanced Excel Course is designed for international students specifically from United Arab Emirates,Middle East Countries,Singapore,Indonesia,Asian countries.

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International Price : $130

Duration: 2 Months (only Friday/Only Saturday)

Delivery Method : Live online classes

We will be Providing:

1)  Live Online lectures for 2 hours every Friday,

2)  Certificate

3) Excel files of the course content.

1) Basics of Excel:
Revisiting Excel Basics, Writing Basic Formula like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Logical &Text
formulas.Excel Operators. BODMAS/Formula error checking.Excel Sheet Formatting. Working with
Dates – Concept,Correction techniques Dateformulas: TEXT(), EOMONTH(),EDATE(), DATE().

2) Relative,Absolute & Mixed Referencing:
Creating Absolute/Mixed References. Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing

3) Look up Functions:
VLOOKUP() – a practical perspective.VLOOKUP() w. TRUE – When & Why? VLOOKUP() with MATCH()
2-D lookup.INDIRECT() + Range Naming for 3-D lookup INDEX() and 2 MATCH() – reverse lookup

4) Pivot Tables:
Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables.Page Fieldin a PivotTable.Formatting a PivotTable.Creating/
Modifying a PivotChartIF(), Nested IFs, AND(), OR() Combo Logics; IFERROR().Building Complex Formulas.

6) MIS Reporting & Dashboard Techniques :
Automatic row-wise Subtotal,Gridlines,Data Validation (list),Cell-Range Naming,Grouping.Build
Business reports like Sales,Inventory,Salary report,dashboards etc.

7) Advanced Charting:
Creating Multiple Chart Type,Primary, Secondary Chart ,Trend line Charting, Spark Line,Dynamic
Charting Techniques.

8) Protection,Import and Export of Data:
Sharing Workbooks & Tracking Changes, Protectingsheets / workbooks / Files. Importing Data from
Text Files/ Web, Exporting Data.

9) Macros Application:

Developer tab; Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Record & Run a Macro.

10) Data Cleaning:
Learn Data Cleaning Techniques.




Ranjit Kate
MBA Finance
Faculty has 5 years experience in Advanced excel training and MIS reporting.

Course Introduction:

Sample Certificate :

Advanced Excel Certificate

7 reviews for Live Online Certification in Advanced Excel & MIS Reports (International Batch)

  1. Nilesh Dok

    Its a great way to learn. excellent

  2. Jalinder kamthe

    Great Experience.

  3. Anup Kadam

    I have learned lot of things from this courses. Also teaching method is very good. Its very easy way to learn all Excel formulas. I defiantly recommend to my friends to join this class. Thank you.



  5. Gopal Bharat Patil

    Microsoft Excel is powerful tool use for many professional and business activities. As a part of personnel interest I have joined Advanced Excel & MIS Report Course to Techcraft Institute which provides excellent Teaching Learning. Also fantastically guided by Ranjit Kate Sir. I am very much thankful to him.

  6. Yasmin Patel

    It was great learning with advanced excel ,hope this course will help me in my carrier,will continue watching and expect more helping ideas to students,in all good experience in learning,will definately recommend if some one willing to do it,idea of teaching is good.

  7. Sujata

    Good knowledge received from Advance excel and teaching methodology is really good and easy to understand

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