Designation: Marketing Content Copywriter and Content Marketer


Experience: 3 yrs. to 6yrs.


Job Description:

·         Creating all marketing content for our product and services.

·         Strategizing and managing the publication process for our web presence, social media and PR activities.

·         Ideate and develop the creatives for our social media posters, ads and catchy one liners for media communication.

·         Writing awesome scripts for explainer videos and viral videos for our products, getting them created through agencies.

·         Communicating and getting involved with other team members to understand their needs and translate that into creative outcome.

·         Communicating and managing our PR efforts, both internal and through external agency.




·         You should have visible demonstration of past stories being share worthy.

·         You should have decent exposure to content and social media marketing.

·         You should have immaculate written and oral communication skills and a penchant for marketing enterprise products.

·         You should have a flair for ideating and building creative content.

·         You should use the gift of gab and be passionate about building a brand.


Interested candidate please share your profile suwarnas@techcraftonline.com or call Suwarna @ 9881604625.


Reference welcomed!


Thanks, and Regards.